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3 Dorm Room Essentials For A Successful School Year

College is an exciting time: new friends, new classes, new experiences…what could be better?? In order to be prepared for your years at university, you need to have the essentials. As someone who has lived in a tiny box, eaten ramen noodles at 1 am, and wanted to throw my biology textbook at my roommate and her loud snoring; i come with crucial advice. I have compiled a list of a few essentials I wouldn’t have survived university without. Happy studying!

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3 Dorm Room Essentials For A Successful School Year

Laptop Support Pillow

Let’s be real, we don’t always want to sit at a desk to do work. Sometimes we need to sit on our couch, feet up, coffee in hand. But, how will you work, do you ask? A laptop support pillow of course! This got me through my 4 years of university. It was just as handy as my noise cancelling headphones…my roomate was quite the snorer! A laptop support pillow gives you the option to work on a flat surface, mirroring the design of a desk. Resting a computer on your lap gets old after awhile. No one likes the radiating heat and the fact that every time you move, so does your computer. Laptop pillows are very mobile, and easy to store…we all know how dire space is in a college dorm! Almost every store sells them when the back-to-school season rolls around, so it won’t be too hard to snag one. Companies are using new materials as well, offering extremely comfortable options. Not only that, you can choose from a wide array of colors and patterns…who wouldn’t want to match their sheets and their laptop pillow…!!?

Noise Cancelling Headphones

As mentioned above, these saved me during my college years! Between my roommate snoring and blasting music, these were my go-to in every situation! They were also super helpful during study sessions, ensuring not even a peep would get me out of the zone. I also used them on my long walks to class, and at the gym…they really were so useful! Companies even offer wireless these days, so long obnoxious cords are no longer a threat. I ended up dropping around $150.00 for a decent pair, but these bad boys will last for years! They are also a super cute pale pink…what’s not to love? I’m telling you, make the invest, you’ll thank me later.


This one seems like a no-brainer right? Even if you’re a mere 100 feet to your school’s dining hall, you will still readily use your mini-fridge! The convenience of having cold water, pudding, and chocolate milk at the snap of a finger is amazing! We all get lazy and the thought of leaving our room for some Gatorade sounds like hell, a mini-fridge solves this problem! Late to class? Grab a yogurt from your mini-fridge and off to class you go. No ones skipping breakfast in your dorm room! Trust me, your new roommate will thank you later! Picture your family home without a fridge…exactly, you can’t! Let’s be real, whether you want to face it or not, this small tiny box of a room is your new home for the next school year! Don’t let it happen without your new mini-fridge.

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