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3 Halloween Costumes That Take No Time To Put Together

Halloween is a festive time of year…candy, costumes and everything pumpkin…what could be better?! Choosing the right Halloween costume can be time-consuming and stress-inducing! No one wants that around this spooky time of year! We’ve put together a list of 3 super easy costumes that’ll take minutes to create, and that your friends will be talking about for years! Worry no more…we’ve got you covered!

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3 Halloween Costumes That Take No Time To Put Together


The all red get-up is not only cute, but it’s also super easy! Find any style dress, long, short, long sleeve, tank top, sequins, knit…whatever your heart desires! There is just one specification…it has to be red! Then all you need are some devil ears and some red makeup to use as blood. Ooh and some red lipstick will give your costume that final touch. Not only does this girl look smashing, she also looks pretty scary! Who doesn’t love a costume that took 10 minutes to put together?!


Next up we have a classic Halloween staple…the vampire! We all remember our little brothers or kids in our class dressing up as these scary creatures, blood, fangs, and all! All you need is some blood (of course), a pair of plastic fangs, and a cape! Putting some dark powder around your eyes will make you look that much darker…talk about scary! Black pants and a black shirt will work just fine, oh and don’t forget to open your eyes really wide and sneak up when your friends least expect it!

Vampire Bride

Who is the vampire without his vampire bride?! You’ll need just about the same as your man, so you both got off super easy for this Halloween! You’ll also need fangs, but instead of a cape, you’ll need a little top hat…props if you get one with lace affixed! Some red lipstick will work wonders, and a black ensemble will bring the whole outfit together. Some dark eyeliner or dark eye makeup will take your costume to the next level!

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