Exclusive interview with Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu & Producer – long version [] (Eng sub)

We obviously wanted it to be a hit and we thought it was an interesting story but we couldn’t imagine that it would go on for over ten years. At first we were thinking that it would be nice if we could make three games. It wasn’t until Yakuza 0 that it got translated into Chinese and Korean that the fanbase started to grow in Asia. We gave the first four games English editions, but that didn’t go too well. It took quite a while before Yakuza 5 got released and you could only buy it and download it online. Then when we released Yakuza 0, we started getting more and more fans from the west. It's been increasing ever since. But we’re just getting started. We want to release more games from now on! (IGDB) We're looking forward to it! It all started 10+ years ago in the old Sega building. Mr. Nagoshi, Mr. Yokoyama and I used to chat in the smoking area about how we wanted this franchise to take off.

I didn’t know much about the world of games but those two kept telling me that yakuza games don’t usually do well. But they wanted to produce a game with content suited for a mature audience so even though they were aware of that the Yakuza type of games don’t do too well they still wanted to try it out. I was really happy when I got called back to do the second game and I remember thinking back then, that I thought it would be nice if we could do a trilogy. Just like with music, it’s always difficult to put out a second hit song and it’s the same with video games. Am I right? So rather than the first, the second game would be the hardest to sell. So our goal was to put out three hits in a row. Yeah, I clearly remember that conversation from 10+ years ago. It makes me really happy that it’s gotten this big. Even though my face doesn’t actually appear in the games people still recognize me here in Japan when I’m out walking or even driving around in my car.

It really makes me wonder why they recognize me even though I’m not physically in the games. It's because people recognize your voice! That's true! Even if I’m just out to dinner with a friend, people from the seat across the room would recognize my voice and come up to talk to me, asking
“Are you Takaya Kuroda?” That happens quite a lot. I think that’s thanks to these games being popular for such a long time. I believe it’s partly thanks to that it’s taking place in Japan, is made by Japanese people and is a reflection of Japanese society at the time that it was made. The characters age and change as the years go on, just as society does. The games are always showing Japan as it is at the time of its release. (IGDB) Ah, yes it changes! For example, the games all have substories in which you can experience what was popular back then.

I believe that’s one of the many sales points of these games. I also think that the fact that it focuses on the Japanese mafia which isn’t a famous corporation… That didn't sound right… "Not a famous corporation!" Most people don’t have any connection to the Japanese mafia. I think that is part of the games personality that truly stands out. It’s a world that we know exists, but that people don’t really get to interact with. But people are generally curious about things they never get to interact with so for people who are curious about it, I think these games are appealing. Back when we released the first game people used to think it was a game about hostess bars, not the mafia. Normal people wouldn’t really go to such places and while they might want to try it out they were probably too scared. After that game, hostess bars became more popular but back then it was still an “underground” place so that they appeared in the games were another way for the average person to get to experience it without being in any danger.

That might be another reason why the Yakuza games are appealing to people. In the first two games, I was working on the design but for the third game and Yakuza Kenzan I got the opportunity to be the director for the games. So, personally Yakuza 3 is special to me. After that, I got to produce some games as well and among those I think that Yakuza 0 might be a favorite. It’s also very popular among the fans. For me…I… have the same favorites as Mr. Sato. Right? People in the industry always tend to have different opinions and clash when it comes to favorite games But the ones I like are actually the third game and Yakuza Kenzan… no Ishin… I mean Yakuza Ishin.

My favorites are Yakuza 3 and Yakuza Ishin and I think that Yakuza 0 is one of the better games quality wise. So we kind of have the same opinion there. In Yakuza Ishin, the story is very typical of Japanese historical shows They took something that already existed and told it from a different point of view. I’m really impressed by the storytelling of Yakuza Ishin and I really like it. Unfortunately, Ishin has not been released in English. Oh really!? And I went on talking about it! It’s definitely a game that should be released overseas! About Ishin… it’s based on Japanese history but it’s also partly fiction and I think that knowing the actual history would make it more interesting to play. We were worried that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it without knowing the history. We don’t want anyone to learn or memorize the wrong parts of actual history. (IGDB) Thinking they know a part of history only to realize later that it was wrong! I guess we could just start the game by writing “This is fiction” in the beginning.

Well, the great thing about Ishin… I shouldn’t talk about a game that hasn’t been released outside of Japan. (IGDB) No, no, go ahead~ In Ishin, all the characters that has appeared up until that point in the Yakuza series comes back as historical characters. It’s a little like an ”all stars” game. So anyone who’s played the original games probably would have a lot of fun with it. It's a personal opinion, right? Well… Mr. Kuroda is sitting next to me but my honest opinion..
I like Kiryu the most. Of course you do! (IGDB) He can really read the room! He knows the right things to say! I really thought he would pick another character. Kiryu is a very cool character. I definitely like Kiryu the most but aside from that… who else do I like? I really like Date! (IGDB) Ah, that's a good one.

I like his classic manliness and that he is awkward but very gentle. like the fact that he is so hardworking and that he has a “bad” side peeking through at times. That “bad” side made it impossible for him to keep his family together. That broken side of him is also very beautiful. The voice of Date, Mr Yamaji, really knows how to portrait him well. It's really good. Yeah, I really like Date.

Well, from what I’ve heard, Mr. Yamaji is nothing like Date. Mm, yeah from what I’ve heard he’s not like that. From what we hear about him, right! And Mr. Ugaki is definitely not like Majima. And definitely not Haruka. … so I guess… when it all comes down to it… me? I wholeheartedly agree! (IGDB) That's a great answer! I’m awkward, righteous and I live life seriously! (IGDB) Interesting! Please don’t ask for other people's opinions! Japanese fans are more timid which probably has to do with our natural character. But when we go abroad to the rest of Asia and the west, fans show their excitement more openly. You can really feel their energy. In July last year, we went to Paris. (IGDB) Games Week? It was Japan Expo. Ah yeah, Japan Expo. That was… In Japan when we have events for Yakuza, about 80% of the audience is female.

But in Paris, most of the audience were male.
All of them looked like bodybuilders. It was summer and the guys were all extremely muscular, even more so than me. There were only a few girls here and there. That was a very different experience. In Japan, if I have a male fan that comes to visit they’re usually very small, skinny and nervous. That's usually the case. (IGDB) I know what you mean! In Paris, they shook my hand and were like
“HEY! Takaya Kuroda!” What to say…
When it comes to buying the games, it’s mostly males. At least, according to our surveys. But when it comes to events in Japan the largest audience are females. (Kuroda) Wow… If we exclude the games… I don’t know why but I think it has to do with the fact that women in general want to go to events. I’m not sure about other countries, but in Japan girls are very active. Positive When men have vacation they just think
“Ah, I’m tired so I’ll just go to sleep”.

Then they sleep for a full day. That's one of the images that Japan has. (IGDB) That probably exists all over the world. Really? Is that so? It made me really happy. That people outside of Japan are playing something that’s so very Japanese. Also… in Paris..
I didn’t think people would show up. When I went to the hall and looked at the event space and saw the number of chairs… I just went ”No way.” I was convinced that it would be one lonely event there, with just one or two people. I was thinking “What do we do if just three people show up?”. But then when it started, the audience was huge and it made me really happy. Right. We start off with a very small group of staff, and then as we’re actually developing and creating stuff we get designers and programmers to join our team and so on. So at the peak of when we’re the most busy and in the middle of it all, maybe we’re around 80 people.

But that’s just the in-house staff. We of course work with other companies and people like voice actors outside of Sega as well. So once we’re done with a game and we have wrap party, there will be about 300 people who come. (IGDB) Wow. That's amazing. Since it’s all the people who have been a part of the game in one way or another… There will be 300 people who attend the party but there are also a lot of those involved who can’t join.

I mean, just looking at the voice actors there’s always at least 100 of us or so, right? Yeah something like that. Ahh… what they do? (IGDB) I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t know what a producer actually does. Like, what does a producer actually do? (IGDB) Many knows it's an important job…
but what else? Oh, like you’re not actually doing anything but just act all big and mighty? I’m sure there are producers like that! But Mr. Sato is not like that! (IGDB) Really? He’s the guy who works the most.

But well, I don’t know. It depends on the team and the product. I’m sure every producer has their own style. In this case it’s Mr. Yokoyama and me. Mr Yokoyama is the chief producer. Then there’s actually one more, so we’re three in total. We have to oversee the development of a product. The producer is the person who decides what type of product we’re going to do in the first place. So those in the planning development and the director will give presentations on how they want to sell and produce a product. Then depending on that we will work with them to make things happen. Of course we always say what we think about their ideas. The directors of course have things they want to do, but whether it’s a good idea or not is up to the producer to point out since the producer has to think about the entire process, from start to actually selling the product.

So we have to have those kind of conversations a lot. Well, this isn’t the only type of work I’m doing. I’m also the head chief of the studio, so I have to keep an eye on all the developments. On top of that I have to do other things, almost like a manager. That's also a lot of work. I guess my day starts off with me checking my emails. (IGDB) You start your day with checking emails, and you end your day with checking emails. Yeah… I send the mails that have to be sent that day.

However, there’s never enough time to read all of them. I get way too many emails. It never ends. We always have project meetings that I must attend. So for example, if the meeting is 3-hours long then there's a ton of new emails that I have to deal with as soon as I return to my desk. I’ve been working with games for over 20 years now, but I had the most fun when I was the director. A director gets to concentrate on that one game only. I had a lot of fun working like that since I could really find my focus. Unfortunately, that’s not true. It wasn’t me. It was another designer who worked with us on Yakuza 1. So, say, if you compare Kiryu in Yakuza 1 to him in Yakuza 3, the quality got better, right? Did the designer change since then? Yes, that's right. No, it’s the other way around. It always starts from the story being born… and then as the story is being written, the characters appear.

That’s when we find out who those characters are and then we try to find who would fit that role. But I guess people like Mr. “Beat” Takeshi and Mr. Takuya Kimura might be exceptions to that rule. There will be some cases where there is an actor that we want to use so we create a character for them. (IGDB) So it's a case-by-case thing? Yes Yeah, or well, it might just be those two… Ah, but in Yakuza 0, we were talking about using Riki Takeuchi, Hideto Nakano and Hitoshi Ozawa for Kiryu’s three lieutenants. Those characters were already present in the story of course but after we decided who would voice them… we were able to make their personalities a little bit more specific and unique. It’s something that we keep working on for Yakuza. We definitely want more western fans to play these games. But for that to become a reality we have to, of course, localize the story not only to English but for example French, Italian, German and Spanish. And… of course, the voices as well. Just having it with Japanese sound and translated text isn’t good enough so we’d need dub it in various languages for it to reach a wider audience.

If you have a borderless fantasy game like Monster Hunter from CAPCOM then it doesn’t really matter if the game is Japanese or not. It becomes borderless. But when it comes to Yakuza, I honestly think it might be a bit difficult to make it a worldwide hit like that. Like I said, it’s a game that deals with Japanese culture so unless someone already has an interest in Japan …they might not look at our game. Mm, like I said, in order to make people like our games, even if they don’t have any interest in Japan per se to make them play we need to take actions like translating or dubbing them into various languages etc. That's the route we want to take. Becoming a voice actor just… it just happened. First I was an actor… and that also… just happened. Before that I was a kickboxer and that’s what I truly wanted to become. But I ended up working out so much that I one day couldn’t stand up straight.

I totally destroyed my back. There were times when I had to go the hospital everyday, or times when I just couldn’t move at all. I just kept thinking of kickboxing while trying hard to get better. Then 30 years ago, there was an audition for a really famous theatre group and my friend asked me to join. He wanted me to come with him because he was nervous, so he even paid for me… I decided to go with him just for support, and ended up trying out for the theatre company “Bungakuza”. At the time I was in rehabilitation so I decided that this could be a fun thing to do in order to kill time. …and I was one of them who passed the audition. Yes.. there were 2600 people there. 60 of them passed and since I passed, I decided to start going down that road. At least until my back healed. Of course, my back didn’t heal the way I wanted it to. Then a year later, out of those 60 people only 10 remained, because people got themselves fired. Since I originally did Martial Arts, I knew I hated losing.

So when 60 became 10, it made me feel like I couldn’t let myself become the next one out. My life isn’t like that. I didn’t have any interest whatsoever in acting, but I hate losing so I did it anyway. Losing isn’t a part of my life. So I decided to study up on acting. I read different books, went to different plays… Not only had I never seen a play before, I actually never wanted to become an actor. I kept staying around solely because I didn’t want to lose. Then 10 people became 2-3 people and the feeling of getting fired was extremely unpleasant to me so I decided that I just had to make it.

Eventually I was able to earn money by standing on stage and then I was pulled towards doing TV-shows. They asked me if I wanted to be in historical dramas, kinda like Yakuza Ishin and Kenzan. I ended up thinking the same thing again, that I wasn’t interested in such things. Since someone asked me to do it, I said yes. Once there, everything always ended so abruptly that I realized That unless I got a big role things would end up being boring very quickly. Again I was eventually able to earn money just by being in various TV shows. As things proceeded, so did my medical research and soon I found out that my back would never properly heal.

So I would just have to keep doing what I was doing. Eventually the pain got more intense and it was getting harder to act during filming. There were days when the crew had to stop what they were doing because I just couldn’t stand. They even had to inform really big actors that there wouldn’t be any work that day because of my pain. I also had a pretty big role though. They told me not to worry about it and get plenty of rest… but of course you worry! It was my fault that big stars like Kinya Kitaoji and Kotaro Satomi couldn’t film. My fault.
Since my back was destroyed. That made me realize that I just had to quit. I was causing so much trouble after all. At that time, I was in my late 30s.

I always knew that it would happen at some point. Because I was told that I’d eventually end up in a wheelchair. So I needed to find a job suited for that situation. I was kinda prepared for it and had already started planning things. I was at that stage in life where I kept thinking that this was it. I was going to end up in a wheelchair. So I had in mind to perhaps open a store or something that I could tend to while not being able to walk. At the same time, I was told that my voice was really great and that I should try voice acting. I’ve never tried it before and couldn’t really imagine what that would be like so I didn’t like the idea at all.

I had already made up my mind to open up a store anyway. They kept asking me for like half a year Then they finally told me to at least try it out and if I still didn’t like it then, they would stop nagging. So I joined this agency and gave it a go. Naturally, since it was my first time working that way it was very difficult for me. I was an actor who was used to using my body to express feelings. But now I had to act with only my voice while looking at images. It was really difficult. But of course it would be, since it was the first time I did it. So it was a very hard thing to do, and I was worried that other professionals would think that I was bad. And that’s… not fun. But I couldn't just quit like that. Even though they told me that it was okay to quit, I couldn’t just give up. To be honest, I didn’t like it at first. It was really boring. But that reason alone would never stop me from doing something.

So I decided to do it for some time and then get somewhere with it before I quit. Now I’ve been working as a voice actor for 18 years. All together, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 35 years. I never once thought that I wanted to become an actor and I never once thought that I wanted to become a voice actor. I just wanted to become the strongest guy in the world. (IGDB) You really hate to lose, huh? Yes! (Sato) By the way, what kind of store did you want to open? I wanted to open up my own bar. I actually worked in a bar when I was younger. I wanted to be the one talking to customers while my friends did the things that required a lot of walking. Then I’d hire reliable youngsters as well. Well, nowadays it’s a very popular occupation and because of that it has become quite tough. Even if you say that you want to become a voice actor doesn’t mean you’ll make enough to put food on the table. It’s hard to scale up, to become big.

But I don’t think the actual job is that tough. Now this is really good-for-nothing info but martial arts is way tougher. It is extremely painful! Even though you might not feel like it, you have to work out for 6-8 hours, doing the same things every day. So compared to that, standing on stage and such isn’t tough. I mean, your bones won’t break because of it, and your life isn’t in danger. You just have to work hard and even if you do, you won’t die, right? Reading or researching won’t kill you. You’re not being asked to run 30 kilometers and keep going… Even if you’re being told to keep reading something you don’t want to read, you’re not actually in pain. So I don’t think voice acting is that tough. Well, if it’s too boring, I won’t do it. If it’s too boring or if the story doesn’t go anywhere for example when I just have to use my “sexy” voice just to “heat” things up without any real content in it… I end up saying no.

The first thing I do is to take a look at the script. I’ve lived a long life so I prefer to read printed text. Then I think of what kind of person this could be and what kind of world he lives in. During my lifetime I’ve met a lot of people… so I usually take those that are close to me and use how they speak or act as a reference. I look at those around me, and create a character. I take notice of things like if they dislike or get hurt by some words that might not hurt me at all. Of course, I have various sides to me as well. I have a kind side, a scary side, a perverted side… People have a mix of characteristics, right? Compared to others, my perverted side is smaller than average! Some perverted people have that side showing more clearly, right? So my personal balance is like… I’m a person who has been fighting throughout my life, so my fighting characteristic is quite big. I have this instinct that I want to fight for people and for justice.

But there are people who would never fight even if it is for the greater good, right? Which means I also have that in me, so… if I would get a role that is a character that never would fight I would just reach for that within me and make that part a bit bigger while making my fighting instinct smaller, temporarily. Do you get what I mean? So I change the balance of characteristics within my body, depending on the role I’m going to play. That's the way I do it. When I first heard about the Yakuza game, my management told me that it was a role that I had done before, but I had no memory of it. So I said “No, I’ve never done anything like that before”.

It turns out it actually was something I had done before but at that time it was called something else. It went by the name “Project J”. It was a very short game, right? (Sato) Yes, while we did the prototype, we asked Kuroda to voice a character. Like a test They wanted me to voice for that game, but at that time the game title was yet to be decided. This was probably 1-2 years before the first Yakuza.

So when they offered me the role I of course said yes. Then once I had received the script and was reading it, I started recognizing the lines that I had done before and that’s when I eventually realized that the test game that I had done before actually had taken off. It was actually going to happen. At first, I was really surprised to find out that I was the main character. I had just entered the world of voice acting and I wasn’t really a big name so I was pretty surprised.

I kept thinking to myself “Eh, I’m really going to be the main character?” With my voice, I often end up playing the bad guy… But this time I was going to play a good guy who is a part of the Yakuza!? I was really happy to be a good guy for once, and the main character on top of that. The more I read about the game the more I wanted to know because it was so interesting and fun. I had done some games before but even so I wasn’t always that sure of what the story was about and stuff. So to do something that had such a proper story, which wasn’t that common, was new to me. Even though I’ve done big TV shows and historical plays that had amazing stories, the script for Yakuza really held its own. It was fantastic. I remember being very happy and excited about being part of such a franchise. He is basically me. Or well, he reminded me of Ken Takakura, who passed away recently. He was often the main character in Yakuza movies and such.

Kiryu reminded me a lot of Ken Takakura with how he also was very quiet and sincere but slightly awkward. How he would never give in to temptations of money or power, but always stay true to himself. With a personality like that, you will either give the job to Ken Takakura or Takaya Kuroda. 目の前で女殴られて引き下がれる程・・・
“I won’t just watch some asshole punch a woman… then try to walk away.” (Sato) Yakuza 2, right? Was it from 2? Yeah, from 2. Because… well, I said this before. In my opinion, there’s such a thing as righteous violence. For example, if you see a woman get hit in front of your own eyes and you tell the abuser to stop doesn’t mean that he will, right? Some people, even if you tell them that violence is bad or that they have to stop, they will continue.

That’s when you have to do something. If you don’t, that girl might eventually get killed. There’s no other way in my opinion and that’s something that I’ve always thought. So that line really fits my way of thinking. I would do it even if the police would take me in afterwards. It actually happened in real life for me, too. I just didn’t get caught for it. I actually saw a girl getting hit so I stepped in to help.

Yeah… I love many sides of Kiryu but that phrase is really great. I want more Japanese men to become aware of situations like that and help out. Since I’ve been doing this for 35 years, TV, theater and voices… I’ve been able to do a lot of roles. But if there’s something I haven’t done yet… then that would be for example a lawyer or a public prosecutor. That’s something I’ve never done. I’d really wanna do something that takes place in a courtroom and be a character that keeps arguing back and forth. I would love to try that. I’ve always loved listening to music but I never really did anything that was related to music. Even when I was young I didn’t necessarily dislike singing, but when I ended up in the entertainment business it was all about lines and acting so I couldn’t even think about music. I didn’t go to karaoke either because I was devoted to acting.

When I started voice acting I was invited to events once every year and sometimes they asked me to sing. It would be mostly talking and then maybe a short song. For example, I would sing the character songs from Yakuza or songs by artists I like and sometimes I would do songs I’ve written myself. But it was never more than 4-5 songs and it would only happen once a year. The live I’m doing with my band this weekend is something that started three years ago when we decided to enter the band life. Let’s start over from scratch. Let’s do something that hasn’t anything to do with anime music or character songs. We wanted to see how it felt to debut when being in your 50s. That’s how we started.

During the first live we only did our own original songs. But during the live, fans wrote to us in a questionnaire that they wanted to hear songs from Yakuza. So I had to call Mr. Horii who created all the songs and ask for permission. I got his permission… During the second live we sang two songs and that’s what we’ll do this time as well. The rest will be our own songs. My band members have all gone to music schools and been helping out during various studio recordings. But right now in Japan you can’t really make a living from just doing music and everyone in the band is about to pass their 40’s so…

They kinda gave up the dream of being a famous band and instead started working with music in other ways. They’re now with companies that does music for pachinko halls, video games and so on and since I’m a voice actor, I got to meet them through work. They came to see me when I had an event and told me that they wanted to start a band with me. “I’m 50… is that really possible?” was something I told them but they kept insisting on it. All that started three years ago and this will be the third concert. I LOVE Robert De Niro.

Yes! There’s also a film I love with him called Goodfellas. Before I had a dream of becoming the strongest guy in the world, I wanted to become a part of the mafia. I love the Godfather movie but back then I was really young so I didn’t quite understand the meaning. But I loved it so much that I kept watching it time after time and thought for sure that I wanted to become a member of the mafia.

I wanted the band to be me and my friends. I’ve also always been inspired by the fashion of the Godfather movie so we wanted to do something “Italian” and thought Goodfellas was a good name. Not really, no. I came into this business as a designer. I went to a vocational school for art and allI wanted to do was to draw. As long as I could draw, any work was fine. But since it was a school I didn’t get offered a lot of jobs. I sent my job application to a lot of big firms but didn’t get any response. There were a lot of smaller studios where you could get work but those jobs were just about graphic layouts. So with that kind of job you can’t really do any actual drawing of your own and at the time the only company that would let you do some actual drawing were video game companies.

When I joined this industry it wasn’t that popular of a field to work in. Or maybe… Well, there weren’t as many people who wanted to become game creators. There were no schools for video games or anything back then, either. So I joined this industry cause this was where I probably would get to draw the most. I only play the Yakuza games! (IGDB) Only? That’s really the only thing I game. I do play games but not that much. A few games a year that I’m interested in. I don't play. Mr. Kuroda did try it for Yakuza Online. I was told that it’s work so then I’ll of course do it! Ah, In the beginning it was really weird. When I was on television, rather than my voice I was always surprised to see what my face looked like. Compared to others, my face was really big and that shocked me. Then when I started doing voice acting, I really didn’t like how I sounded.

My voice was so high and nasally… That's what I thought at first. However, now I’ve gotten used to it so it’s fine. If I have a day off I actually go for a drive. I drive for a couple of hours to a place where the scenery is nice. I stay there and relax for a bit, before returning home. Around this time (December) there's illuminations. That's also something that I like to see. I don’t really have a hobby.

I guess… drinking is my hobby? That’s true! You always go drinking on your own. Yeah I go to the bar by myself to drink. Whiskey Before I go to bed I drink a little Japanese sake. I also love whiskey. I can’t really handle sweet alcohol. (IGDB) Like Umeshu (Plum Wine)? Yeah I don’t like that. But things like beer or dry Japanese sake. I really like whiskey, though. Okay, so should I.. start? I love Kazuma Kiryu, I really do.
There’s no mistake about it. In the games there’s a lot of substories where pointless stuff happens to Kiryu over and over again.

He gets tricked, his time is wasted etc. But for me, Takaya Kuroda, the actor…
When voice acting… I might actually be taking the substories more seriously than the main story. I of course do my best whatever it is, but the substories are so much fun to do that you can probably hear that in my performance if you listen carefully. (IGDB) Thank you very much! Hmm… let’s see. I don’t know if the west knows about it, but in Japan it’s quite well known. The character Kashiwagi likes cold noodles so much that he gets mad if he can’t eat it. (IGDB) Oh yeah, that's right! The one who wrote that part… was actually me. (IGDB) Really? That's amazing! The Yakuza series with Kiryu as a main character has now come to an end but now we are working on a new series of games with a character called Ichiban Kasuga. Please continue to support the Yakuza franchise!
Thank you.

To the fans seeing this. I would love for them to play all of the games. Like I said, the Yakuza 3, Yakuza Ishin, Yakuza 0… Even though they are my favorites, all of the titles have wonderful stories that I want everyone to experience. There are unique characters in every story. For those who played the first and the second one please keep on going with the third, fourth, fifth etc. If it’s possible, you should also try Yakuza Kenzan and Yakuza Ishin! That would make me very happy. You should include all the substories… Oh, and as a personal request I want everyone to keep on loving Kiryu, as well as give some love to Onomichio-kun! (IGDB) We love him! I guess that’s it. (IGDB) Thank you very much! Thank you!.

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