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For All Mankind — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Stand by for liftoff. Three… two… one. Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a live signal. Is this really happening? The Russians put the first man
on the moon. We thought it was about being first. Turns out the stakes
are much bigger than that. We will be the ones reaching into space
for all of mankind. Nixon wants us to put a woman on the moon. Anybody tell the president that
we don't have any female astronauts? You are officially astronaut candidates.

-It's not easy.
-It's not supposed to be easy, Tracy. -It's dangerous.
-I want this. -It's what I signed up for.
-No, it's what we signed up for. How many moms do you know
are training to go into outer space? We still get up there and
push the envelope every single day. The world's changing.
And you helped change it. If we wait, the Russians will win this..

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