Meet One of Britain’s Most Notorious Reformed Criminals: Walking Heavy

If you're gonna be a gangster be one twenty four hours a day. that may mean that you have to walk heavy To walk heavy means you're carrying. Your footsteps leave a larger print. I walk heavy because it's a dangerous world I live in. My name is Jason Coghlan. In me early twenties, I was classified as Britain's most dangerous man. ____ doesn't last forever In 1999, I was convicted of an armed robbery, 12 year sentence. Studied law while I was doing my long stretch. When I started studying it I realized that I could use the law against the authorities. I became passionate about it really quickly. And I sued the prison service five times and won five out of five. When I did finally get released, I went to Spain. That's when I decided I'm gonna start JaCogLaw If you are a foreigner here, you will get a law standard of justice And I thought there's got to be a better way. If only I can make it better, and I have made it. (phone rings) JaCogLaw. I'll hack it.

Just don't need to get disappointed, that's all. I'll have a look. Y'know a lot of my clients live down there. Some of them allegedly operate their criminal activities from here. The idea that someone can go and get something and all of a sudden over night, I have this..

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