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Netflix + KODI + Chrome Launcher v 1.2.0 (English subtitles)

Let's show how to configure netflix
in kodi Krypton we will also know a new way to take advantage of our
subscription before we start we should say that it
you must have a subscription to see the content of netflix first
we will configure netflix to open it by middle of the chrome launcher addon then
We will see how to customize the icon and finally we will take advantage of the
Netflix content customizing it by gender and differentiating each icon
according to the number of genres you want include. we begin, we will install the
addon chrome launcher we will see two forms the first by means of the
super repo repository we go to system and we follow the next steps here we write the following route the
which will be in the description of video. We give it a name for
identify it later. Once it has added to the route we return to the menu
principal we select addons then we select the
icon of the box that represents the addons
we select to install from a zip point file, we select the route super repo then all and finally the file
zip points of the super repo we hope it will be installed once
installed we select install from repository we selected super all, addon
Program in the list of addons we look for chrome
we selected them and now what we install we hope that it is installed we see the notice that the addon is
installed we go to the program players and
we can see in chrome launcher installed now we will see a faster way to
install it first we must download the file zip point of the addon Chrome Launcher that you left in the description remember the route where they are downloaded
once they have downloaded the file we started the installation via zip point
we select addons then we select the icon of the box that represents
the addons we select install from a file
point zip now look for the file in the route in which they downloaded it what
we select and wait for it install we see the notice that the addon
is already installed already shown how install the addon
let's configure Netflix we open the chrome launcher and we followed the
Next steps we will add the Netflix site we give you the
title name we select ok
we enter to netflix route remember who must have started the session
we select ok in this box we write yes and next we leave it the same
we select ok and now we must see that the title of netflix was added
we select and check your functioning As we can see, the loading starts
of the netflix site can now explore the offered content and choose the
title of your preference Now we will show how to customize the
icon to be displayed as the vimeo and youtube we can assign a
image from a route of a site in internet or from a local route first
we will choose a remote image from a website
we wrote netflix and we selected image they choose the image of their
preference we already copied the route of the image and paste it into the text editor
that they want to use to use it more forward now we will copy the path of a
local image that we want to place we also paste it in the editor of
text and so we will have the routes available for use
we complete the route by placing the name of the image we already have the routes of the
images now let's see how to assign lárico
not from netflix in the program a chef for a step-by-step explanation
divided the screen up to the left will be the route for those
users who installed or directly and no Please
up on the right will show the route for those who installed with and for
both in the box below to the right are the routes to follow both in the
code installed by as much as the no portable and below the routes of the
images that we had searched above and below to the left
coli to go see the changes we are going to search and avoid the file
netflix a sun inc we will start with the portable code now pay attention
and follow the next steps we will look for the file
netflix dot link in the route that is shows this tutorial was done in
the windows 10 operating system take in account that in your operating system this
The route may vary the longer we place the file in the path of the installed coni no
portable now we will show how place it on an elbow and portable
in the same way we show the route to continue to find the netflix file
dot line and their daughters we have already found the file
now let's avoid it to fine-tune the friend image not from netflix
we select the file with the button right mouse and then open with
we select the text editor that have available once opened
let's proceed to edit it where it says to postpone point png let's replace it with the remote route
that we chose and copied from the site of internet the masters selection and the
we copy then let's have the route over Text to avoid shown in color
blue before saving the edited file it is recommended not to do it in the same
original file path we choose another route to save it we proceed to save him
remember where they did it we select save as we look for the
route that we chose and we leave the same first name
netflix inc we already have the file savior
now we have left is to replace the file and verify that the image is displayed in
the netflix icon we copy our edited file to the
original file folder replace the file we go back to cody to see the result we can see that we have avoided the image
from netflix we now do the same procedure but with an image from
a local route we copy the file to edit we paste it
in another route different from the original we repeat the following steps we copied the route that we had already
chosen and as we did previously we paste the path of the image in the
line shown we save if we replace the file again in its
original route a magnificent moss again its operation
we observe that the image has not changed previous
we just have to leave aside or go back to enter we can see the new image of
electric now let's open lesbian as we know the netflix site gives us
the option to organize titles by genres the picture offers us 22
genres to explore the titles let's show how to expand the
quantity of genres and customize them encoding we open our browser we wrote and we entered we select explore and open one
of the available goods the title of this genre is program
of tv seriously this title corresponds to a code that we can read in the
website address we can find a list of more than 200
genres for netflix and its code corresponding and we want to see the
available stock titles and adventure
we copy the code and paste it replacing the direction of the
site we create center and observe the available titles to stop and
Here we can choose the genres of our preference now let's set some
powdered goods we perform the same steps to add
a new site in the thief steals a chef we wrote the title of the genre
from the pnud the code then we copy and we paste the direction of the cycle of
netflix more than the corresponding code to the chosen genre the box fights
we write pieces here we leave it the same as we have
added our new title that we will allow open and netflix in the genre
favorite Following these steps you can add the
number of genders that they want according to the codes available in the list that
I will leave you in the description for your download to customize the icons
You can follow the same steps as we use to change the icon of
netflix looking for the file that corresponds to each gender and was
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