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Not Even Michael Keaton Can Handle Trump’s Abysmal Dancing To ‘YMCA’

In the weeks leading up to the election, Michael Keaton has been campaigning hard for Joe Biden and making the case that Donald Trump needs to be removed the office. But this time, the former (and possibly returning) Batman is making his strongest argument yet: the dancing. Make the dancing stop!

If you haven’t seen the viral videos, Trump has been making it a habit of “dancing” at his rallies to YMCA by the Village People, and it’s about as bad as you’d expect. In what could be his final plea before the election, Keaton is asking voters to think about four more years of jiggling, and he’d rather not have that happen. “Please! If for NO other reason,” Keaton tweeted. “Oh God. Can you imagine another 4 years of THIS alone?!!”

You can see a sample of Trump’s dancing below:

Keaton’s tweet arrives on the heels of his latest video urging his home state of PA to “be the hero” and end Trump’s presidency. “Don’t just do it for Joe and Kamala,” Keaton says while wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat. “Do it for your little brother, your little sister. Do it for the next generation. Do it for the environment. For justice, for equality. And just to end this insane chaos.”

The actor also isn’t afraid to play the biggest card in his utility belt. During a campaign video from mid-October, Keaton went for the big guns while hoping to entice Pennsylvanians to vote for Biden. “Let’s be honest, I’m frickin’ Batman.” Thanks to Keaton channeling the Dark Knight, the video went viral, and who knows? It might be the nudge Biden needs to take the Keystone State.

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