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O que significa o meme “OK Boomer”?

ok bomer is a slogan and internet meme which gained popularity throughout 2019 used to dismiss or mock stereotypical attitudes attributed to baby boomer generation the phrase ok bomer is a pejorative replica used to discard or mock attitude is negatively outdated campaigns players the condescending of the people older particularly baby boomers the term has been used as a replica of resistance perceived changes technological denial of changes marginalization of minorities opposed to the ideals of the younger generations young ok bonner was popularized as a reaction to the video of an older man unidentified in which of course the millennium generation and the generation of have the peter pan syndrome they never want grow up think the utopian ideals that they have in youth somehow are going to translate into adulthood the video inspired the phrase ok bulmer as retaliation and criticizes the ideals of past generations that shaped the politics the economy and the environment with so much strength believed that the term was used in april 2018 but it started to become popular from january 2019 on social media platforms as title here the term has gained popularity in media in early November 2019 when articles were published about the phrase don't forget to give that one there and that follow the channel if you can share link on haiti zap social

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