Odd One Out for kids: 7 puzzles based on Odd One Out for kids (2018)

hello everyone welcome to our channel
riddle master today we will show you the odd one out problem let's see who can
solve them with ease try to point out the answer hidden in the four options if
you get five right mark yourself as a genius keep in mind 90% people fail to answer these you have five seconds to solve
each let's go find the odd one out from kitchen item let's go mixer, fridge, gas
stove and microwave answer is gas stove all other item needs electricity find the odd one out from sea creatures
let's go tortoise, crab, frog and fish answerin fish, fish can live only in
water find the odd one out from shapes let's
go rhombus, circle, Pentagon and diagonal answer is circle all others are made
from straight lines Find the odd one out from these colors let's go red,green,
pink and purple answer is pink all others are rainbow colors find the odd one out from flowers let's
go Lotus, Jasmine, rose and marigold answer is Lotus,only Lotus grows in water find the odd one out from elements let's
go hydrogen, oxygen, iodine and nitrogen answer is iodine, all others are gases
while iodine is liquid find the odd one out from body parts let's go eyes, nose,
legs and hands answer is nose all others are in pair so who are those genius tell us in the comment box below don't forget to Like
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