Organized crime: The mafia at Texas gas pumps

and Cuban mafias are making their way through Texas and drivers in Waco and temple especially need to beware because they are finding ways to take your money that's all according to Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller Channel 6 is Jasmine Caldwell is live at a Waco quick stop where it's believed they installed a Bluetooth skimmer at a gas pump Jasmine please tell us more well Chris the agricultural commissioner told me there's a simple way to make sure this don't happen to you when you come here to pay at the pump just be sure to pull out your credit card hit settings and go to bluetooth now if you see a long list of numbers and letters then Chris that's not good now today the TDA inspector found a suspected Bluetooth skimmer on pump five at this Valero gas station on Robinson Drive after receiving a complaint now the Waco Police Department was called to the station where the Bluetooth skimmer was removed by a technician and taken by police commissioner said Miller said this is all a part of a statewide organized crime by members of the Cuban and Russian mafia who may have their eyes set on drivers right here in Central Texas my great they'll you know start out in Thailand we get a mark there so they picked up moves that Katy and Houston we hit them on dad and what's in town they've been in Austin this is the first one we found in Waco so we assume that you know Waco Waco temple is gonna be the target now for a while until we put enough heat on them they decide they can't you know Commissioner Miller said there's nothing really in the Texas Legislature that addresses skimmers so it's hard to get these people prosecuted he said lawmakers are updating their statue so these criminals can face some serious jail time now if you think you've been a victim of illegal credit card skimmers we put a phone number on our website KCEN and if you want to know more tune in tonight at six to find out how the commissioner says it takes just a second for these Bluetooth skimmers to be installed in to wipe out your bank account reporting live in Waco Jasmine Caldwell Channel 6 News

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