damn rabbit club 55 he was guys my name is EDDIE tuesday i want to show you guys top 5 SERVERS for MCPE SERVERS for MCPE 1.0.3 is like amazing tool to the amazing and everybody's thinking whoa this is this video is life who the title of this video on the topic of this video is not about servers for mcpe 1.0.3 explains your guests idea so i will be updating this video after after maybe update comes out our check if the silver has an updated and I is it has been updated i will be changing the title few to the was located cute so yeah yeah that's pretty much it that's why i was thinking that title alright so ya don't stop complaining alright so far but i will add up but that was the first server fancy pe25 server farm tpes got everybody actually dotnet that is lives both survival games services and this is one like most popular server1 CPR the one of the most public of philosophy and this server smtp each today's survival games and as you just give of all right go ahead and this is just a hundred against overall know so you had this is all new green server and the server and cpe anyways you know what like is like amazing and this server gets updated alive so don't worry about it it's kind of it gets updated a lot so yeah and i have a section back on the right forgot because off totally don't know why but yeah this looks at you see it's working totally working that's the games this is the game place and then there's a game going friday and there's a lot of people playing and you can even switch service by just clicking on those people that's amazing way so you didn't do that if you want to so let's move on so the next server find cpe 1.0 are any words you and dr you forgot the bad ones servers and that's over and far is from life both of our game so i know i love you guys know d few servers so i'm just going to show you guys this just just ignore if you know it i will show you some more so don't worry so let's go ahead and then just go ahead and join in it works let me show you guys and Easter before MCPE also known as minecraft pocket edition is amazing telling you guys the troubles i'll be showing you guys it's amazing and like their you get to see a lot of things like this is a VIP stark it while this VIP sockets and it didn't know that but yes go ahead as you see the server's looking pretty late you can say with that white color when the stone twist that makes it more likely up different gives it a different look so yeah just move on shall we go i will show you guys a lot of server right now why you do that guys please go ahead and subscribe button is so close to tweet how you subscribers i'm super happy about it AC here three times subscribers you guys probably know hit that subscribe button so we can have four times subscribers play appreciated so yeah lesson one shall be a little backstabber for MCPE is daddy pig and this be this is a pvp server i guess which could please BB Paco secret fraction models and stuff like that so let's go ahead and then this type II doubt IP would be copying ahead go do that type B i guess i don't know is it pvp yeah PAP know bab p dot big grade I guess yeah is he just trying to like like I don't know it but I i know it yet but this is the server as you see you have to login if you want to and and just so the next server 5gb is this circle to the service rate dot-com x server plan cpp and let's go ahead and check it out parents always age end up let's check it out look so this is B and this is the only known logica own age so this is difficult days kit pvp so I don't know how that is because I don't do pvp as i said but you said I've you guys do like pd piece of is that will be moving on from pvp servers in a second because I know a lot of people watching this video I like no i don't i don't like Pete to stop i want some more sober I Pete I get it I get it I get you guys don't like pvp but I some people do actually I don't know why play they do because there is a choice right just don't get them so yeah guys listen oneness go ahead on the speed com the airport will be discussed same as you so let's go and this feat that's like DP oil 1 mean anything goes but let's go ahead and play and this will be our amazing server and bp's unless check it out okay it started today I face the register icons that have hundred money one what we would all right so I don't know what this understand stuff like that but if they do likely because go and we're still don't know how red is still just going to splash registered in any silver you have to slash register for i guess most of them got to store then you can do that

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