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Sister says man accused of murdering Army vet had troubled past

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The sister of George Buschman, the suspect accused of gunning down an Army veteran and father of three outside a Chesterfield County Wawa early Wednesday morning, is speaking out about her brother’s troubled past. 

Ruth Buschmann tells 8News that her brother is mentally ill and has had a lengthy history breaking the law. Buschmann was recently released from jail on Dec. 20 after serving time in Henrico County for driving on a suspended license. 

Buschmann says her brother frequented the Chesterfield area, where he lived for quite some time. 8News obtained court documents that show George Buschmann resided ina Chesterfield-area home with another person and a protective order was filed against him. 

Documents show Buschmann was convicted for violating that court order.

The same thing happened with Buschmann’s estranged wife on more than one occasion last year, 8News learned. 

But the 34-year-old gunman’s sister says her brother’s troubles stem from mental illness. She says he was always a little bit off and at one point was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The last time she saw her brother? Just days before the murder, Ruth Buschmann said.

“He just looked off like you would talk to him and he would just look at you and not hear you at all, not acknowledge anything you were saying,” she said. “He would talk to other people all the time.”

By talking to people all the time, Ruth Buschmann meant her brother was talking to people who weren’t there.

George Buschman remains in Chesterfield jail facing first-degree murder charges as well as several other serious felonies.

Buschmann, meanwhile, says she hurts for the family of the man her brother is accused of murdering. 

“I can’t imagine their pain, and if the shoe was on the other foot, I know I would be even more hurt,” she said.

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