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The ‘Loki’ Trailer Puts The Trickster God In A Prison Jumpsuit For His Time Crimes

Disney shared its news in bulk on Thursday night, dropping news item after news item about the future of Marvel, Star Wars and all the other properties in the mega-corporation’s grasp. But one property it had some very specific details about was Loki, the Disney+ series starring Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s trickster brother. Disney revealed a trailer for the show that gave us a bit more detail about what we’ll see streaming next year.

The six-episode first season is expected to fill in the gaps on Loki’s story between the last Avengers movies, and the opening moments of the trailer recreate the moments in the films that led up to his escape. He then wakes up in a remote desert, but is later taken captive by the Time Variance Authority (TVA), who we learn Owen Wilson’s character works for. There’s a lot of time and reality-bending hints, and quite frankly you see Loki in more suits than you might expect.
There’s even a bit of D.B. Cooper action in the closing moments, as well as a scene where Loki is wearing what looks like campaign buttons for, well, himself. It’s no WandaVision, but it certainly has a lot of intrigue and the ability to surprise. We’ll know more about Loki soon, Disney revealed the series will debut on Disney+ in May of 2021.

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