The Team Goes After a Suspect But Comes Under Fire – Chicago PD

– Yes? – Hi,
I'm with Catholic Charities. – Mm-hmm? – I need you to do
exactly as I say. Everyone,
I'm with Chicago Police. I need you to get
under the table now. I know you're scared.
Let's do this calmly and quickly, all right?
Let's go. [suspenseful music] ♪ – Chicago PD.
Let me see those hands. I'm good, I'm good. – You're clear, you're clear,
you're clear. – Turn around, Mitchell,
put your hands on the wall. I'm good over here.
– All right, let's move. Gun! [rapid gunfire] – A fighter down.
You guys okay? both: Yeah.
– Kim, call out. Are you okay? Call out. [foreboding music] – [groaning] [panting] Yeah, I'm good. We're all good..

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