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These People Had One Job And Utterly Failed

Doctors, nurses, teachers, fireman, policeman, and so on – these are jobs that are stressful every minute, every hour, 365 days a year. Is that an understatement? Probably. But you know what job isn’t that stressful? The ones represented in the photos that follow. No, seriously. The following images showcase individuals who literally had one job, and still failed miserably. So miserably that we’re all laughing at their expense. You may want to prepare yourself, some of these are utterly ridiculous beyond comprehension.

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According to the Dictionary, an onion is “an edible bulb with a pungent taste and smell, composed of several concentric layers, used in cooking.” However that doesn’t seem to be represented correctly in the image below. Like, not even remotely close.

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Are You Sure?

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