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While the press system engulfed itself with the idea of paedophile networks At one very moment Most of the press will swing, to say that no, there is no such network To say that "Dutroux is a lonely pervert" There will be 2 camps in this country Those that will believe that there is a network, that will be called the "plotters" And those who do not believe, and we call them the believers, and the non believers In Belgium, after 1996, spread the world, there is no more networks And it's unfortunately by that time that Marcel Vervloesem reveals the CD At the worst time, in the worst place The Zandvoort case is abandonned in Belgium, but it reappears in France Serge, the CD appears in 1998, but you speak about it on the 24 Feb 2 000, why wait? In Autumn 1 999 I'm in Belgium.

I'm investigating what is happening in the Dutroux case, as there are weird things I want to look at it more closer. Then somebody close from the investigation tells me "you should call that phone number…" I call the number and eventually meet some people who give me a file A file created from a CD And that's how I discover We can see children's faces Yes, we see children's faces, It's a serious file, made by the dutch police And when I discover it I first think "who are them" And of course, what do we do to find and save them? If they are there, they're in danger, as these are portraits taken from rape scenes Scenes of sexual violence on children Is it about manipulation? In Nov 1 999, Serge Garde possesses the paper file He is suspicious and wants to check that the photos of the file from the dutch police matches well the Zandvoort CD.

The checkings last 3 months Once the match is established, it is time for publication Do you feel or endure pressure when you proposes L'Humanité (newspaper) to publish the investigation? No, I'm supported by the editor in chief I would say that the problem was how to illustrate How to illustrate the article? There was no way to publish the photos But how to show it exists without revealing the pictures? We hesitated for 3 days before to find a solution So a photographer put all the images of the file on a wall And took a photography with a perspective effect Brutally we can see the extent of the files – 472 photos spread on a wall… On the 24 Feb 2 000, L'Humanité publishes on the cover page the file of shame and its revelations 3 entire pages. How to find words to communicate indignation, anger, on unsustainable faces? All the radios and the TVs say their emotion, but very quickly, the momentum falls down We don't like to handle this topic That's it Because we don't know where it will ends Then a freelance journalist proposes to continue the investigation For her, the case is indisputable, the photos exist.

She also saw them. On the 6-7 April 2 000, Le Figaro publishes on cover page an investigation about the problem that represent the pedocriminal networks, with 2 pages of text. It was the materialization that an organised criminality exists around the pedocriminality, that aim for the children Especially with the pictural angle It was thousands of pictures where crimes were being watched. In one go, it became concrete The images are abominable Speaking of a baby rape… It seems… It is inconceivable ! All of a sudden we see it It means that we are forced to think that it exists There are people that rape babies! If we haven't watched that, we cannot imagine such a thing.

A little girl who had her lip burst We could see she had a mangled face She was bleeding, screaming It's incredibly sick to have kept this image There are people who enjoy seeing children suffering It's not only about a sexual perversion, but also about sadism L'Humanité and Le Figaro (2 newspapers) begins to make too much So on the 12 April 2 000, few days after Le Figaro publication The French minister of Justice, Elizabeth Guiguou, speak about it on TV (France 3) The police and the justice cannot do anything as it is about face pictures. What is needed is to bring face to face these pictures to the images from the CD we do not possess Justice asked to people who possess these documents to communicate them, included if they are journalists She launched a call to the journalists who would have the documents, to give them to the justice, as there was a will to investigate the case The minister confess that the justice possesses the photographic file By the way, Interpol has it as well But without the CD, she adds, they cannot do anything So why doesn't the chancellery demand it to the dutch justice? Serge Garde, the L'Humanité journalist, gives the CD and the file to the general prosecutor It's very unusual, as a journalist isn't a police assistant Only, I'm a journalist, I'm a citizen, I'm a father And I know that the CD documents can help to save children From the beginning I know that the case will be shut down Because the minister previously won fame on abandoning such cases? It's a kind specialist Could we say she was placed here in that goal? You know, Karl In all spheres there are dogmatic people And when someone is persuaded that these cases are about fantasy What do you want to do? It's not necessarily someone who will be partner in crime Or who will support a network I don't have the elements to be able to say that I only observe that, from the beginning, they entrusted this investigation to someone who did'nt believe in it And for those who still would doubt it It's enough to listen to the Paris minors' assistant public prosecutor's reaction Yvon Tallec When he says his point of view in front of the France 2 cameras on the 16 May 2 000, about the Zandwoort CD Most of the time, the minors have been photographied with their own consent, but also with their parent's consent Some photos are very ancient materials As we already know that some pictures are dated from the 70s or the 80s And we also have to minimize, at least in France The reach of this case, to the extent that a large number of the children in the files are not French The Minors Public Prosecutor saying at the evening news that the case has to be minimized Letting us speechless These words indignate various associations notably Innocence en danger Her president, Homayra Sellier, invites the prosecutor in a meeting organized at the Unesco I asked him about what he declared on TV The children were mostly not French To what I said, so what? French or not, what does he know The children nationality is'nt written on the pictures Second, he told us that the parents had given ther consent To what I replied So that means that parents are free to prostitute their kids if they want in France? With that, the prosecutor left the room Knowing that he required that during the meeting there would be no journalists, to what I considered A prosecutor from the Minors Public Prosecutor's department is able to say that parents have the right to give their kids to sexual consumption It's a total justice denial, from my point of view it's also a law ignorance, and it might be called procurement It could be called rape It should have been called "rape" And as far as I know, it was impossible to think that the kids from the CD were consenting the scenes The most incredible thing is that the CD, without whiwh, allegedly, it was impossible to investigate the case was in the justice possession for 1 year before its press revelation Marcel Vervloesem sent by recorded delivery the CD to the French president Chirac, who sent it back, logically, to the justice department It happened in 1 999, 1 year before I released my investigation So the chancellery possesses the CD and just sat on it…? Yes, and everybody act as if they were discovering it France 3 investigation journalist, Pascale Justice approaches the minister to give her no choice in the matter My cameraman records her and I tell her You pretended that you had'nt these documents and that you wanted to see them While you have them for 1 year, this paper proves it that time she's totally surprised and denies.

Then she goes to her political meeting.At I wait quietly Her communication staff contacted me at midday I spoke with the chancellery and we'll have an interview just after : "all truth must be said" Of course, what would say the autorities except " we'll find the truth" about facts that are horrifying the people? When we have a pedopornographic photo under the eyes we are watching a child being raped or tortured by an adult Further than the image's aspect, we should think "this child needs to be found and saved" It is needed to find the adults making it, as they are very dangerous As we see some victims, but they are many more As they are having a very HORRIBLE business However, Justice has the tools to investigate Journalists gave back agendas, address books… linked to the Gerrit Ulrich network case Dozens of personal contacts Bank references Banks accounts from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, from numerous East Europe countries, from GB, from the US and even from the World Bank fff And I'll learn, reading some parisian press articles from the journalists informed by the Public Prosecutor's department That the address book only contained bakers' hairdressers', people worth no interest's addresses…

A criminal interia "Worth no interest for the justice". Justice could declare it has not the means to investigate the case It would be worrying, but credible But declaring that these documents are worth no interest leads to misinformation On the other hand, what they had'nt planned at the ministry is that the phone kept ringing at L'Humanité since the publication of the case Journalists received hundreds of people willing to consult the files Of course I didn't count, I did'nt expect such a big reaction Maybe 150 or 200 people came to see the file at the newspaper's headquarters as they feared – some came from the US! Florida – Suddenly we observed a great concern which affected a lot of people So we were hoping for recognitions, but in the same time it's really tough to see parents, a mother, who points out a photo saying "It's my son!" It happened It happened a first time, and then a second one, and then it was…

All the people asking the newspaper to see the pictures are worried about children missing children, or presumed as victims of sexual violence. Several cases are opened, all these people are in search for truth As this pediatrician The doctor Spitz is pediatrician. He reads the file and recognizes 2 children who came to his practice complaining about sexual abuse, a testimony that the judges did'nt take seriously You know we can always make mistakes in life But in that case, enough is enough The child told me more than one year ago There are men who take pictures And he draws cameras on his drawings And fortuitously he's in the file So what does the justice system do? Public consultation is eventually allowed in the police stations Oh not for long Only for a few weeks And recognitions are multiplying Several French families say they recognize their children on the files There are investigations in process and these files could help them But instead of giving these documents to the investigators, to the prosecutors…

To all the people working on the cases they don't give them the files They open a new legal information, separately All the already started investigations are drown in the case, which become excessive In total, 81 minors are recognized by families A turning point in the investigation, but leading to a dead-end Conducted in presence of journalists or of the police, all the recognitions are declared as errors Not a mother, nor a doctor, nor a social worker will be listened They are all wrong Errors? It remains to be seen They tell the mother "this child cannot be your child as this kid has been identified in the Netherlands He's named Bjorn Nitzkamp (sorry, I don't know how to spell it) The problem is when I go to the Netherlands I met the person in charge of the case there, so he knew it very well He knows and tells me "in that case, there was no picture of Bjorn Nitzkamp So when we were telling the mother the child wasn't hers, it was not true It's a doppleganger concentration, that's what the justice system wants the public opinion to believe Everybody is wrong, except the examining magistrate who says "they are dopplegangers" She recognizes her child on 2 pictures, she says it's him On the 25 photos of the series, only 23 had been assessed So they tell her that it's not her child She didn't say the opposite She never said her kid was the one on the 23 pictures She recognized 2 other ones These 2 photos hadn't been assessed, so she asked them to assess these 2 pictures to rectify the mistake, but they refused her the new expert assessment First the justice system reacted as it was forced to it As there was such a large popular action such an incomprehension that they were forced to react They could'nt not say "we'll deal with it and check", they were forced to But very quickly, so quickly that we think that they had'nt time to check anything, that it's a very unusual work As we had the habit of the slowness of the justice system on that case

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